clogged sink drain

Digital video inspection offers precision repairs

Address your most hard-to-see problems accurately and effectively.

sewer inspection

Get a closer look at your pipes,

Many clogs and plumbing problems are beyond the scope of the do-it-yourself home plumber. Oftentimes seeing the problem clearly is necessary to removing it, but this is impossible without special equipment.

Get a better look at the culprit with a digital TV inspection by Econo-Rooter.

A special camera will be snaked into your pipes giving you a close-up view of the problem and letting you decide the exact remedy to use.

Prevent future plumbing emergencies.

A video inspection allows you to examine every inch of your plumbing system.

As the camera moves through your pipes, you will be able to identify any clogs, blockages, breaks, leaks or collapses.

Not only will your Econo-Rooter pro be able to determine what is causing your current plumbing problems, but you can address any weak spots to prevent future emergencies.

Call Econo-Rooter for accurate repair and prevention..


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